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How to use the surf report: There are several links that will be helpful in your understanding of the surfing conditions in Westport.

The first is the Ocean Conditions report that is typically used by fishermen. In this information, you are looking for the first section located under the title "CAPE FLATTERY TO CAPE SHOALWATER OUT TO 60 NM OFFSHORE." Cape flattery is the Northwest most point of the Washington Coast. Cape Shoalwater is the north shore of the Willapa Bay. Threfore, this report covers the north 2/3 of the Washington coast. In this section, you need to check for the swell height. Wind waves are not significant when it comes to surfing. The waves that you surf are actually the "swells" that roll in and break on the beach. Swells over 6 feet generally provide good conditions. The other information you want to get from this link is the predicted wind direction. East winds tend to sharpen the swells as they come in to the beach. The report will typically say "E Wind 5 to 15 KT," which means that the wind is coming out of the east at about 6 to 17 miles per hour. provides current Westport wind conditions.

There is a wave bouy located about 1 mile south of the Grays Harbor bouy that sends real time wave data which is available on the Internet. The graph is difficult to read, so it is best to just look for the phrase "significant wave height" and that will tell you what the waves are like. Grays Harbor wave bouy data. This bouy does not have wind information. It is just a big yellow steel ball with electronic wave sensing data.

Another useful link is the data provided by the Cape Elizabeth weather buoy. There have been some difficulties with this buoy in the past, so if the bold text reads "No Current Reports," then this information will not be helpful. This buoy is located about 18 miles northwest of Westport, and gives data on current swell height, direction and frequency.

A similar buoy is located off the Columbia River and provides similar data. This buoy is about 45 miles south of Westport, so there will possibly be quite a variation between the conditions (especially wind), but it should give you the general idea.


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