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Westport is one of the favorite tourist destinations for visitors from all over Washington and Oregon. Westport became famous for its fishing in the fifties and sixties. People traveled far and wide to go on one of the charters in the Salmon Capitol of the World. There are still several charter businesses in Westport. We still have a large charter fishing fleet that targets salmon, halibut, bottomfish, and albacore tuna.

The largest segment of Westport's business sector is the lodging industry. We have a large variety of motels, vacation homes, and rental condominiums for people coming to stay at the beach. There are also RV parks and campgrounds that are close to everything.

There are a variety of gift shops up and down the marina main street, and one is even located on the end of the main pier. Once you fall in love with the place, you may want to check out our real estate offices that can help you make the area your home away from home. Our last category is tourist attractions, which has unique businesses that don't fit into our other categories. Be sure to check these out. Enjoy your visit! Let the businesses know that you found us here.


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